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🧦cashmere lashes🧣

🧦cashmere lashes🧣

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Cashmere Volume Lash Extensions - Single 

These cashmere lashes are soft, plush and extra matte, lightweight individual lash extensions. They come off the strip effortlessly with no stickies and fan out smoothly! Create that dark eye-liner effect lash line.


  • Individual Eyelash Extensions made with the finest Korean PBT fiber which ensures the curl holds for the life of your extensions.
  • Extremely soft and plush with a beautiful finish.
  • Precisely selected and handmade.
  • Foil back sticker that leaves no sticky residue and can be placed  on your lash pallet so you can work efficiently, and more quickly.
  • Curl options: C & D 
  • Lengths options: 9mm- 20mm 
  • Thicknesses options: 0.05
  • Color: Jet Black - Extra Matte

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